Dancing Spheres

This is my first actual sound animated motion graphic. Hope you like it as much as I do.

The process: [Images 1 & 2] The spheres and dust particles were modelled and textured in Cinema 4D. [Images 3 &4] Light was set up to create a sense of space and dept to the image. The spheres were then made to dynamically behave according to the soundtrack. 3 different versions, differing mainly in colour and sound response were rendered. Rendering took approximately 2hours each, with a total of 6 or more hours.

The 3 rendered and exported files were then imported into Final Cut Pro X were they were mixed and edited in sync with the soundtrack. [Image 5] Additional effects such as distortion, kaleidoscopes, mirrors, motion blurs and post-lighting where added manually to make the spheres look more sound-driven. [Image 6] Finally, titles and credits were added.

|| Screenshots of the video in the making below. ||

Big shout out to the French electro masters C2C - check their website here [www.c2cmusic.fr] and buy album 'TETRA' here [https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/tetra/id552059879]
I do not own any rights for the music. I am not endorsed, affiliated or supported in anyway by C2C or by any record label.The video was inspired by their music, and for that I thank them infinitely.

Now, onto some technicalities:

Music, first minutes and a half of "Down The Road" by C2C
Modelled, animated, rendered on Cinema 4D.
Edited, mixed and composited on Final Cut Pro X.
Macbook pro 13"
Cinema 4D Render times: approx. 6hours in total